Checkmate by the authorities.

Greetings and salutations!

How are you today internet? you doing alright?
Guess who has a major update to give you guys, that’s right, me. And you can find all about it in video form here:

And in text form here, so basically let me get right to it and tell you guys that … are you ready for it… -drum roll- …. I AM NOT GETTING DEPORTED (for now), what happened was yesterday at 9am I woke up to the sound of people speaking in the room where I’m staying at, I opened my morning eyes and was welcomed with the sight of three police officers standing there telling me to get dressed, to pack my documents and to come with them. At that point my first thought was “Oh well… this is the end..beautiful friend” I thought it’s over. I got up and I calmly asked them If I could wash up for 5 minutes and they agreed. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and got dressed, I tried asking them “What’s going on” and they would just say “You’ll know at the station”, then we took a walk down to the police car, there was no handcuffing and such much and they were very professional about the whole thing.

We drove around for a bit to the police station where I was told to step inside and a few doors later I found my self seated in a waiting room, the officers told me to just be patient and someone would be with me shortly, then 2 guys came out and they booked + fingerprinted me, they wrote my credentials and I signed a couple of papers. Then this high ranking police officer woman came up to and took me to a separate room where she and I had lengthy conversation about things. She explained that this was my first administrative felony and so there will be no jail time, they’d take me to court once the paperwork is done where “We’ll see what the judge says about deportation”. She was incredibly graceful about the whole thing and was helping me out in every way possible.

Soon, my paperwork finished around 2pm we took a walk (Yes a walk) to court as it was nearby, she gave my documents to the clerk there and then we waited for the court room to be free (for my turn), I was asked to step inside and the Judge was already seated and waiting with my documents, she spoke for a brief while about how what I did was a felony (overstaying my visa) and how I shouldn’t have done that, and that since we have a war back home (Syria) that after much consideration she decided to let this one “pass” so to speak, she wasn’t going to deport me and I was to pay a fine for overstaying my visa, she explained that I have a deadline to do so and to stay out of trouble and that was that, just like that, everything finished! Everything, the whole mess finished in less than 10 minutes in court. Then I took a walk with the officer woman downstairs where she gave me some advice about my next step and what I should do. She explained that while my arrest wasn’t the end of the world, I’m still here in an unclassified manner and that can’t be. that I should contact the immigration office again and to see what they say.

So that’s what I’m gonna be doing on Monday morning, I want to say something very clear to everyone reading this, the police authority of Russia as well as all Russians as well have been nothing but professional, friendly, and kind to me. and I am ever so in their debt for the second chance.

I still might need to go through the “Pathfinder” into a different country because there’s a chance I might not get legal documents to work or study here, but at least I’m not facing deportation and they gave me a document at court to present to any police authority should I get picked up again in a different region.

My plan now is to go to those offices on Monday and check what they say, if all is well then I’ll legalize here, work, and live happily ever after away from the war. If not, if I’m still illegal and am still facing deportation at some point in the future, or if I can’t do anything here legally then I’ll go see the “Pathfinder” again and continue my original plan, but for now that’s on a halt to see what the Monday office folks say. I have a feeling things will go smoothly.

To all the people here with me, I love you all, I respect you all, and I hope you’ll stick by me till I see my self out of this mess I’ve made, and to all the “Special tasks” that are reading this blog šŸ˜€ I want to say thank you and I love you and respect you and all Russians.

Long live the internet, I guess and long live all the people with kindness in them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the video and I’m gonna make more posts later once I finish painting the kitchen wall today.

I love you


P.S: Thank you Russia.


Hello again dear cruel (yet sometimes kind) world!

I was contacted by email by one of the world’s warm souls who told me that while my page is interesting I tend to write a lot of text and suggested I should make a summary of everything instead of gigantic walls of text.

Thank you man, I appreciate it and I am listening to your advice.

So here goes,

My name is Louie, I am 29 year old guy from Syria, due to the recent events in my country I was forced to flee to Tver, Russia under a student visa but unfortunately the rising expenses of living costs combined with the astronomical tuition fee for my university I have resorted to asking for help online, I am working it is not like I am sitting on my a** waiting for donations, I do odd jobs in Russia for whoever pays and in my “home time” I resort to working online and you can find my CV in the documents section or by contacting me and I’ll send it to you, but still I am at a very desperate stage in my life where I am facing deportation in about a month and a half at the time of writing this post. And I am frantically trying to reach Asylum in the EU from Russia through LEGAL means.

If you want a full blown gigantic detailed Life story you can go to my Blog Goal page and check out what you’re getting into. There is a list of documents available documenting my failed attempts to reach Asylum in the EU in the Documents page (under construction as I am adding the pictures still)

I am currently in the process of making videos on youtube that better explain things.

While this blog is mainly about my Journey to safety, I will be posting other interesting and entertaining things here such as random thoughts and media reviews.

You can support me in various means if you check out my support page you’ll see how.

Love you all for everything


Welcome to my blog!

Who, Why, Where!

Hi there stranger and welcome to the Sticky post on my blog, I hope that this short snippet of information will be a helpful guardian angel guide through the mess that is my blog!

Let’s get started:

Where am I located?

At the time of writing this creating this blog I am currently residing in be-a-utiful Moscow, Russia. in a cheap motel slash dorm slash half star spot.

Who am I?

Hi my name is Louie and I’m from Syria, well it’s not really Louie, it’s Louay and it’s an Arabic name, thoughĀ for as long as I can remember my family and friends have always called me Louie which kind of stuck with me all my life.

There’s a detailed narcissistic semi-delusional page about me in the AuthorĀ section which I think you should head on over and read later if you’re more interested.Ā But first I’d like you to check my About this blog pageĀ and read that one as it contains everything you need to know about my story.

Why this blog?

Let me be perfectly clear and honest here, I made this blog with the intention of seeking out help from the world. This is my SOS message in a bottle, this is me reaching a hand out to the internet without shame.

I started this post straight out of the oven because I had no idea how to blog, I’ve always lurked around the corners of the internet reading articles on blogs here and there but I never really sat down and put my thoughts into writing except for when I’m programming.Ā I am writingĀ this now publicly because I want to share my story with the world and hopefully get a helping hand on the way.

Over the course of many days and various kinds of posts and media we’ll be covering a vast array of topics ranging from the Birth of modern human consciousness, Theoretical Cosmology, Technological advances, high quality adult habits, But mostly and most importantly we are going to talk about My Journey to Seek Asylum in the EU.

I will be posting media on this blog from videos to camera pics to all kinds of stuff to document my life and my attempt to reach Asylum outside of Syria, and hopefully if this blog is a success I would have made meaningful warm human connections and achieved my goal at which point I can have a chance in life again.

Why are you reading this blog you might ask?
Brother I am asking the same thing, I don’t know. The simple answer is I really do not know.

Here are a couple of possibilities:

  • Maybe you were redirected here by a friend or found a link to my page online and you’d like to see what all the hype is about.
  • Maybe you saw my videos on Youtube and decided hey why not check his blog!
  • Maybe you just love reading blogs and you have a thing for Syrians who are running away from the war.
  • Maybe you are stalking me.
  • Maybe by some alignment of the planets I managed to grab your attention and interest and you decided to make this blog your regular morning coffee read.
  • Maybe you are doing it because of the voices in your head.

A lot of maybes, like I said I simply don’t know, though I would love to.
Whatever reason it is I welcome you and I really hope you find something here that might interest/entertain you.



The like and subscribe thing.


Hello again dear reader, due to a burst of excitement and a good mood I’ve decided to once again bestow upon the world a second video of shame. I understand that it’s silly and that you probably won’t like it. But, I made it already and I’m posting it for you to see and judge and smirk and shrug.

It’s sort of an update since last time, and a shoutout/hello/thankyou/dedication video I’ve made plus I’m trying out something that someone told me on youtube, that for some magical kabbalistic reason saying the phrases “Like and Subscribe” while you’re standing on a specific sphere while holding the rituals book and scratching your ankles against each other, people will magically share your video with the world. I’m not one to dabble in the dark arts, but I thought I’d give a try and so here goes:

There isn’t any specific dedication because a lot of people have asked to remain anonymous in their dealings with me. Anyway I hope you like it and I hope that this tiny post won’t endanger our otherwise perfect mutual understanding (That means I’m gonna make bigger and better posts once I get the time to do so)

I love you and forgive the shortness of this post.


Snapping out of the reverie.

Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye

Oyez Oyez Oyez

I have snapped out of my offline coma finally yesterday, and I’ve missed you guys.
I’m sorry if I haven’t been able to mingle online lately but I’ve been having a hectic few weeks.

The story, My dear reader begins when I met a Syrian here in Moscow in September, who gave me false hope and encouraged me to spend countless metro tickets as well as phone calls waiting on him to pull through with legal papers for me to stay in Russia, he promised to “Call a guy that will fix your paperwork, don’t worry” and let me tell you reader when they tell you not to worry, that’s when you really should worry. As you can imagine from the general tone of this post he was full of manure. I didn’t expect that and that was my mistake, you see, sometimes you need to really take a step back and ask your self “What’s in it for the other person?”. I failed to do that and so this guy strung me along for a month and a half and finally he burped his excuses and went on his way.

I don’t understand the reason for this idiocy because he did not benefit in any way, it was just a very prolonged excuse/lie that kept on for a month and if you are reading this by some means then know that I forgive you, man, but you really need to work more on your sincerity. I could have accepted a simple “I couldn’t help” but I guess egos will be egos.

I digress, so as you may -or may not- know I crossed the deadline for my visa which means that I am now overstaying it -Or I could have just said It expired-,Ā this, according to Russians (And most countries tbh) is a very very big no no. Especially for a holder of an Arabic passport. You don’t just “Ignore” your visa deadline, there are consequences and they are messy.

But, thankfully, they were the soft kind of messy, not the heavy. I have a fine to pay and an exit visa to make and after that I’ll be free to be on my way to enjoy a beautiful tour of deportation back home (meaning I’m getting deported anyways lol). Of course I’m trying my best not to do that and to continue with my original plan, but we’ll see how it unfolds this October as the ship captain is still ready to take me abroad.

In other, more important news (Believe it or not, more important than visa is having a bed to sleep on and drinking water) the landlady which was perfectly happy before when I had legal documents has decided to kick me out of her hostel because and I quote “I’m not going to pay a fine because of you, pack your bags and leave”

No warning, no notice, before yesterday in the morning she knocked on my door and Informed that I had till 12pmĀ to exit the hostel. I did just that, and you can imagine how it was like to walk around Moscow carrying my bag of wonders and laptop and it was f***ing snowing man.

I walked around the area where the hostel was and I started asking random people in the street for directions to a gostinitsa(hotel) OTHER than this one I was in and soon I realized that most people are just going to point to this one so I walked further away. I didn’t want to take the metro because it would be a VERY bad idea to use it with bags on my hands and a foreign face it’s basically asking for the police officers to check for documents, and since I didn’t have any the metro wasn’t an option. Anyway, I walked around and sat where there was no snow falling till I finally made a list of 6 addresses that random people gave and started visiting those hotels one after the other.

In the first one I decided to not be an idiot and directly explain that my legal documents are non existent and that only my passport and credit card are working. Simply, the clerk told me “We can’t, sorry, try -address-” and provided me with another address. I kept going to the other ones and doing the same, thank you google maps. Finally by the 5th one I found a place to stay, arriving at 7’ish pm covered in wet clothes it’s a miracle I didn’t catch a cold. The hostel is a nice and cozy little flat where others also crash, I don’t know what the proper word for it in English is, but It’s one of those deals where you take a bunk bed in an apartment shared by 8 other people. It’s okay, it’s cheap, it’s clean and I get to use the Wi-Fi to bother you and the world with my nagging šŸ™‚

The one catch is that I need to pay with labor, she said she needs someone to paint her walls, she being the landlady and her walls literally mean her walls (No pun intended), and that I can stay as long as I finish her place fast. so that means I’ll paint the landlady’s rooms and that pays sorta for my accommodation for the next week or 2.

I made friends with my roommate, the Russian nicknamed V, he’s alright, doesn’t ask too many ethnic/religious based questions like a lot of other roommates did before. And once we got the territorial unspoken gestures out of the way and I got settled I made you guys that video that you may or may not have seen, if not check it out it’s in a sticky in the home page. After that he went to sleep because he had work in the morning and I lurked online till the sun came up.

When I woke up today I woke up late because I made a thread online and posted the video in it and it kept me up, and I had to run errands before sundown, because here the night is very.. and I mean VERY cold. So I went out and finished my things and now I’m here writing this to you enjoying the afterglow of my first “good” shower in a long time.

I miss you all, and I hope you enjoy the video, I’ll be making more later on and I hope you can still entertain my insanity for just a while longer.

I have emails I must reply to, and I’m going to go do just that.

I Love you

Respect to you all


My first video ever yay!

Greetings citizens of the internet, I bring you my absolute worst in the form of a video.

For those of you coming here for the first time, welcome to my blog, here’s your complimentary soda and whatever year old. I urge you start at the blog goal page as it has everything you need to know. Or if you’d like you could watch this video first and then do that.

But, be warned that no matter what you decide you’re stuck for at least 20 minutes of random syrian guy drama šŸ™‚

Thank you for being there and I love you.

When entities whisper.

HelloĀ brave souls of the planet!

You might be wondering where the eff did Louie go, well I’m right here.
I’ve been trying to keep my self busy in real life as to not fall victim of self destructive routine, and it’s been rewarding!
I have a few updates for my fellow readers who according to WordPress statistics are about 10 people so far šŸ™‚

The other day I decided to stop being such a stubborn dumb ass online and to go visit the Syrian diaspora area of Moscow. Now as you know for some odd reason different ethnicities abroad tend to get drawn out to certain areas of the city where they usually rent/buy homes and they dwell in them, for some cosmic categorizing reason society always finds a way to cluster DNA in certain locations for some reason that is yet to be understood by me, but I digress. Syrians in Moscow mostly liveĀ in a northern area called VDNKH (the metro station is pronounced in slang: veh deh en khah), it’s a cozy little ghetto-esque location that I visited in the hopes of finding closure or maybe answers as to what I could do. So far I had only been in contact with 2-3 Syrian oldf**s that live here so I thought why not go straight to the hive and go shop to shop and ask around.

As I arrived to metro station I was instantly greeted with the familiar ghetto atmosphere that would arise anywhere minorities lived, those cheap hair dyes, the cotton gray pajamas on forgotten non-fit bodies, golden necklaces flip flopping around like it’s downtown Damascus, the obligatory array of Shawarma, Sweets, and Falafel shops and the occasional dude who just “Didn’t feel like shaving for the last 5 days”.

This is certainly where I’d end if the Russians grant me Asylum, for those of you who live in Sweden “VDNKH” is basically the Russian version of “SƶdertƤlje”.

Again I digress, as I visited shop after shop and mingled with my folks, I made sure to ask the right questions and not waste anybody’s time, to the point where it felt almost like I’m a salesman pitching my future away to these highly experienced migrants… “I have a month in Moscow, and I was wondering if you can give me some advice on what to do?”

Unfortunately 5 food shops, 1 hotel, and 2 kiosks later I found out that the answer is the same: “You should have applied before 40 days of the Expiry of your visa, or you can call *NAME* and *NAME* and ask them to help you”.
It seems like there’s a RussianĀ version of Tony soprano chilaxinating in Moscow’s VDNKH and offering to help “Poor souls” like me who Ā happen to need his services for the symbolic amount of one thousand five hundred dollars.

To make this short for the reader, I was offered to buy my way into a 3 month asylum guaranteed, else and if I may quote the locals “Or the Russians won’t accept you, go through him it’s easier trust me” is what 3 different people told me.

I decided my tour in the ghetto is over seeing as this is clearly a swampy scam that I’m not wearing the shoes for and I left. But not before taking a few phone numbers there just in case, I may be broke and tired and depressed out of my mind, but those pajamas sure look inviting.

These are the kinds of whispers a person like me with 26 days remaining on his visa does not want to be spending a whole day hearing from different people. I swear by the third time they all said “You should have applied 40 days ago” I felt a nice little hand reach into my soul and grab the tiniest of hope that remained inside of me and shatter it into around 26 shards that just vanished as I munched on the Shwarma that was offered to me.

Food loses it’s taste when you are hearing how hopeless your situation is, it’s like you’re eating Air. In fact in Syria there’s a slang saying of “Eating Air” which usually means uselessness. I felt it. I knew the full meaning of that.

But not all whispers and things thrown unto my psyche are poisons to the ears, some actually are as sweet as honey and as soothing as a mermaid’s lullaby. I’m referring of course to the kind anons who have been there for me, one who contacted me via email and explained to me that my Paypal button isĀ setup incorrectly, it only showed Russian language instead of English, I hurried up and fixed it. Others have stayed in touch and have actually sat down and written large soul filled emails explaining to me how to camp, and what to do in order to survive should I decide to “take a hike” so to speak, I love you , you know who you are, and I appreciate you for your support. Some have tried to contact me in order to curse me and open political and religious debates, I’m sorry if I’m a boring Syrian, guys, I don’t have any intention of entertaining such emails because honestly I haven’t the mental stamina. Sure in the past we’d sit and have long debates over who stole who’s gods and whatnot, but right now I am trying to survive so please if you want to contact me you’re free to do so but I can’t promise I’ll reply to every flame email I get. (But I do sometimes so don’t lose hope!!!!)

In short, I’m sorry I’ve been away for a while but I’ve been working IRL to sustain my feeding and sleeping habits as a creature, and I’m grateful for every single email you guys have sent my way, every single help you gave me and I want you to know that if it weren’t for those I’d probably be in an alternate reality right now where I’m 10x more depressed than I already am. I love you folks.

Anyway, this was a short update on my life and the kinds of whispers, thank you for the help all of you and I’m keeping my promise and uploading my videos tonight, that’s right mutha fu***ah, tonight you get to see exhausted faced me on YouTube making a fool out of my self!



Honorable list

Hey world!

So I decided it was a good idea to make a honorable list where I talk about everyone who supported me throughout my life, this is going to be a big process because I am 30 years old and I have met many many many people in my life, I consider almost every human encounter (and non-human) to be one step further into my progress as a being.

It’s important that you all know that I love you very much who ever you are and no matter what you did.

But first, what if the people on the list don’t wish to be mentioned? this means I would have to contact each person individually and ask them for approval. which I will be doing in my spare time when I am not working and crying my self to sleep.

This would be an unbelievably long list that needs a skilled artist to map on a bluebrint. this is something that needs to stay under construction for a while because I don’t want to miss anyone and mess it up






Ten thousand google searches later I found out that you can not tag a “Page” on WordPress and that I am a complete noob at blogging.

This is sad, because I wrote a giga-post in the Blog goal page thinking it’s a “Webpage” only to discover later that WordPress actually understands them as “Another version of posts that you can not tag”

This sucks, but I will attempt to do something like so … I’ll tag this post and direct this post to the Blog goal.

If you see this go there.

Forgive my trespassing WordPress, but I need the tags.



God and my right

Dear my first blog post.

By theĀ ancient AtlantisĀ titans, the sheer awfulness of this morningĀ combined with the sudden high of making my first blog post with a drop of “wanting to sound like an intellectual” encourage me to make this post a fast one and apologize to my future fans and readers and fan-girls, I know I will have you all in the future but please if you have scrolled back in time all the way to this point then I hope you don’t hold it against me, or do if you id in an amusing way.

Why do I always sound so cocky when I write my thoughts slowly?

I don’t know if this is considered a Hello Blog post or a random brain-fart at 09:20am Moscow time.

Let’s see what happens when I hit the Preview button.

This is what it looks like!

This is what it looks like!

Coming back from that horrendous ordeal, as you can see I was still practicing my blog-fu at this point and managed to get my title to look that big and ugly, like Shrek.

Let’s see if I can brush up my basic html /Ā phpBBĀ skeelz for this one

Ok so countless trial and error attempts later (Actually three of them, one of youtube, one for vocaroo and one for images) led me to realize that WordPress is awesome because It helps me achieve all I want without having to “code” my thoughts.

Thank you wordpress.

And now I must bid you farewell my dear first post as I have much to learn and very little time to do it in.

To my loyal fans and many lovers who are reading this in the year 2030, take note that this was a very low time for me and I had absolutely no one to rely on before building my empire but my self and the warmth of my parents back home in Syrian sending me encouraging messages through whatsupp messenger telling me that “you will make it”